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The GypStream system was designed with rugged simplicity in mind. A single person can operate the entire system. The same person loading the drywall into the hopper is the one running the controls. Our integrated control panel has a simple, push-button layout sequenced in the order of startup along with Allen Bradley VFDs. It is stainless steel with NEMA4X standard, and we offer options for hot climates and SCADA.

Simple Layout

The simple push-button layout is easy to operate. VFDs control the speed and rotation of the twin screw infeed and the shaft inside the Gauntlet. Illuminated buttons indicate GO or FAULT status.


Safety Lock-Outs

E-stops on the panel itself can shut-down the system in an emergency, and we can integrate lock-out switches on different areas of the system for an additional layer of safety.


Light Tower

A light tower above the panel indicates overall system status to the operator. Green is good. Red means something needs attention. This lets your operator monitor system status while simultaneously operating the loader and feeding drywall into the system.

THOR Control Panel 2020.jpg
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