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The drywall recycling process isn't over after we've effectively separated the gypsum from the paper backing. Next you need to transport it from Point A to Point B. We design and manufacture custom conveyors in order to transport recovered gypsum and paper into super sacks, roll-offs, or directly onto other conveyor lines that reintroduce it into other processes.

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are effective at transporting large volumes of gypsum, and they are sealed to keep dust down. We can design custom lengths and orientations to fit the exact footprint you need.

screw conveyor.JPG

UHMW Liners

Lining the conveyors with UHMW allows the gypsum to slide easily over the surface. Less friction means less wear.


Diverter Gates

Gypsum has a high angle of repose, causing it to form tall piles. We can integrate drop gates into our conveyors, allowing you flexibility to spread out the discharge across a roll-off or container.

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